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June 22, 2009



Girl, I hear ya... I am currently on my 5th load of the day. Here's my problem: I will have a marathon laundry day (or weekend) where I wash every dirty item in the house and therefore feel like I have earned a break from that tiny, steamy room. Then I relax, and let the laundry pile up because somehow I think that since I just did 5 loads in one day, that entitles me to 5 laundry free days. Now of course, after 5 laundry free days, that pile is back and even bigger than it was before! Realistically, if you have four people living in one household, that is at least four pairs of underwear, four pants, four shirts, four pairs of socks per day. That is right there a full load of laundry! Now add in all of the so-called wardrobe changes (tell Nicole I'm talking about her), the towels, the sheets, the place mats, the pool towels, the swimsuits, etc. IT IS RIDICULOUS! Meanwhile, I've heard that the solution is to put in a load every night before you go to bed, and throw it in the dryer before breakfast. But honestly, the last thing I want to do before bed is laundry and seriously, who can do anything before coffee?! I think we're doomed.

WOW that was a long comment. Sorry.

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